Lambs to Ken Jennings’ slaughter.

I’ve never watched Jeopardy! before. I mean, I’ve seen bits and pieces over at other people’s houses, but I’d never sit down and watch the thing. By and large, it’s too easy to be satisfying. Plus, I’m happier sitting down and just reading through the Trivial Pursuit cards, as I’ve done since I was a little kid.

Tonight, though, I’m watching for the first time. As most Americans have likely heard by now, this guy is destroying the competition. For 28 days, he has won every single round. I wanted to get a sense of this, and so I flipped on the show tonight.

It’s sick. Jennings got to go first, and he cleared 2.5 columns, from upper left to lower right, until they broke for a commercial. The other two “contestants” just stood mutely, unable to buzz in fast enough to get above $0. They don’t have the slightest chance. I’m reminded of the “Twenty One” scandal (as chronicled in Quiz Show), and I have to wonder: how long will they let him go on?

Published by Waldo Jaquith

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