Slim pickins.

I’ve registered for nearly all of my classes for the two summer semesters and the fall semester here at Virginia Tech. I had a perfectly-arranged schedule last week, one that would permit me to wrap things up in December, but then they inexplicably pulled nearly all of the classes that I needed. So I’ve spent this evening cobbling together an “education” (quotes indicate condescension) that involve exciting political science courses like…Real Estate Law! Aanndd…General Zoology! Believe it not, such courses do not involve scraping the bottom of the barrel — this is actually the good stuff. I still need a couple of more classes, and — I’ll give you a hint — the department that I think they’re going to come out of starts with “Poul” and ends with “try.”

I’ve found in my brief time here that Virginia Polytechnic Institute has “polytechnic” in their name for a reason. The political science offerings are anemic, at best — ditto for economics, English, the arts, and history. But chicken plucking? They’ve got that. Wood Sciences? No problem — they’ve got a whole major in it. Ditto for Dairy Sciences. But French? Required, but not actually offered. I’ve got to take that at the community college down the street.

Best four years of my life!

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