Snow weenies.

I woke up this morning to find, as forecast, that a couple of inches of snow had fallen. After a warm bowl of oatmeal, I suited up and trekked across campus to my 9:30am class. The streets and sidewalks were clear, so I was rather surprised to arrive right on time, only to find that perhaps a quarter of the class had bothered to show up. Not even the teacher was there.

To be fair, a certain percentage of the students (probably a rather low one) live out in the country, where steep, unplowed roads present a problem. Perhaps the professor lives out in the boondocks, too. But not 75% of the class. Most of them, I’ve gathered, live in the dorms, which are a five-minute walk across the Drillfield.

The students that bothered to show up were ready to leave within five minutes of the planned class start time. They managed to stick around for ten minutes before departing. Three of us stuck it out for twenty-five minutes, at which time I figured that the professor simply wasn’t going to show up. The remaining two may still be there, for all I know.

I hope that this doesn’t set the tone for the next two days of classes. 3″-5″ of snow are to fall today, with another storm coming on Friday night. The only thing in the forecast that would keep me from going to class is the 1/2″ of ice that is to coat the town overnight. Now that’s something to make me stay home.

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