Jerry Kilgore, eavesdropper?

For a guy who claims to have had nothing to do with the Virginia Republican-eavesdropping case, Republican Attorney General Jerry Kilgore is awfully defensive, if you could call his bickering a defense.

Lt. Gov. Tim Kaine: Unless these [press] reports are completely wrong, your office did something that was wrong. […] When you are the lead attorney on a case of very significant importance, and you become aware that somebody on your side of the case has eavesdropped on the opposing party, and the eavesdropping is illegal, and you come to the conclusion that your oath requires you to turn that over to law enforcement, you cannot at the same time have members of your staff sit down and meet with and strategize and brainstorm with the eavesdropper.
Attorney General Jerry Kilgore: How absolutely misleading you are being this morning, absolutely misleading. It is reckless for a Lt. Governor, a statewide elected official, to sit up here and believe everything he has read in the various accounts of newspapers and lecture me on ethics.
Kaine: Tell me where I’m wrong.
Kilgore: I have no duty to you Mister Lieutenant Governor.
Kaine: Tell me where I am wrong.
Kilgore: I have no duty to you Mister Lieutenant Governor.
Kaine: Did your staffers meet with Ed Matricardi on Monday after the first phone call?
Kilgore: No one met with, in that room, with Ed Matricardi…

(Emphasis mine.)

If the state Democrats don’t weenie out, I predict that Kilgore is going to go down in flames. The Republican Party in Virginia is perhaps worse than the RNC — duplicitous, felonious, and immoral. I’m glad that they’re finally getting nailed for it.

Published by Waldo Jaquith

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