Volvo and camera.

I got a Volvo.


It’s a 1994 850, a brighter blue than it looks here. It’s got the usual bells and whistles (airbags, cruise control, sunroof, electric seat adjustments, blah blah), and has just 76,000 miles on it. I’ve never owned a car before. Just a motorcycle (in the back right of the photos.) Incidentally, the teal “Calypso Green” truck on the left is the newly-bought vehicle of Noah, my roommate.

This photo was taken with my newest toy, a Canon PowerShot S200, the little 2.0 megapixel silver Elph. I wanted a camera to use in Blacksburg, so that I could take photos to send to Amber and my family. Amber and my mother have earlier versions of the PowerShot, and I love those, so the PowerShot seemed like the way to go. My splurge was getting a 256MB memory card for it, so I can take a positively obscene number of pictures before it fills up. I’ll try taking pictures and putting them here on my site and see if it amuses me sufficiently to do so on an ongoing basis.

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