Undue sympathies.

After the University of Virginia declined me admission last month, and The Hook did an article last week, it seems that I’ve become the town dumping ground for UVa gripe stories. People expect that I must be bitter or in some way spiteful towards UVa, blaming them for all of life’s woes, and so they tell me all of the ways in which they’ve been shafted by the university. Total strangers unload on me as if they’ve encountered a long-needed confidant. Some people are upset because they, too, were turned down. Others are owed money by them. Still others have unresolved issues with the education that they received there. I try to be as sympathetic as one might normally, but everybody is disappointed that I don’t share in their fundamental frustration/distaste/anger with UVa, and ultimately horrified when I point out that I would still be quite happy to go there. I appreciate the sentiment, I suppose, but it ends there.

Published by Waldo Jaquith

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