Signed lease.

I signed the lease on my uber-sexy Blacksburg apartment. It’s right on Main Street, between College Ave. and Jackson St., just a stone’s throw from Virginia Tech’s campus. It’s got two levels, one bedroom, and one bathroom. The downstairs has a foyer, the bedroom, and the bathroom. Right in the foyer is a bright red, metal, spiral staircase that leads up to the second story. Up top is the sizeable kitchen/dining room and living room. The apartment is over commercial spaces, with a barbershop, a cellphone store, and a few other shops at street level. No students, either — I’ve been assured that the building is full of graduate students and professors. The building was just constructed a couple of years ago, designed by an architecture professor. (One of those buildings obviously designed by an architecture professor — all weird colors and funky lines.) I intend to visit again this coming week to take pictures and measurements. I move in on August 8th.

Published by Waldo Jaquith

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