Some troglodytic cretin sent me a thinly-veiled threat today regarding’s tablature, apparently having mistaken me for somebody so stupid that I don’t understand copyright or fair use:

From: “David Hall” <>
To: “Waldo Jaquith”
Date: Wed, 7 May 2003 3:31:50 PM US/Eastern

Dear Waldo:

It has come to our attention that you have been engaging in the practice of posting illegal tab arrangements on your website. Unauthorized copying or distribution of copyrighted musical compositions constitutes infringement under the United States copyright law, and the law provides substantial remedies to rights owners. Whenever printed music is copied or distributed on the Internet without permission, you are stealing from composers, publishers and music retailers.

It is essential to the future of printed music that the copyright law be upheld by all. Composers, arrangers, publishers and dealers are losing a significant percentage of their income because of illegal photocopying. This loss of revenue ultimately means that less and less printed music is available for sale, short print runs mean higher prices for what is available, and dealers are no longer able to afford to carry large stocks of music.

As a webmaster, you hold a special responsibility to understand and uphold the laws regarding what can and cannot be posted to your website. We urge you to practice compliance with copyright law so that no further action is necessary on behalf of music rights owners. Such compliance will benefit all of us in the music community – students and educators, creators, publishers and retailers.


David Hall
Sales Manager, eCommerce

From: Waldo Jaquith
Date: Wed May 7, 2003 4:31:06 PM US/Eastern
To: David Hall <>


Make me. I dare you. Just try it. Seriously. I’ll own you.

I’ll be very disappointed if I don’t get a nastygram in the mail from you within a few weeks, because that will rob me of the opportunity to waste lots of your money by using up your attorney’s time.

Don’t let me down, Dave!

Waldo Jaquith

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