The Letter.

University of Virginia
Office of Admission

December 4, 2001

Mr. Waldo David Landers Jaquith
Charlottesville, VA 22902

Dear Mr. Jaquith:

The Committee on Admission has examined your application for admission to the University of Virginia and has carefully considered your credentials, both academic and extracurricular. I regret that we are unable to include you among those selected for the class entering in the Fall of 2002. Unfortunately, we will not be able to reconsider your application later this winter during the Regular Decision period.

I realize that the University of Virginia was your first choice since you applied under our Early Decision Plan, so I am especially sorry that we cannot offer you admission. I can assure you that the Committee members take their responsibility to each candidate for admission and to the University very seriously, and have tried to make selections with equity and good judgment. The number and quality of applications submitted for the entering class is extraordinarily high, making the competition for places very keen. The decisions are always difficult, but the Committee makes them carefully on the basis of all information available.

We appreciate the interest you have shown in the University of Virginia and want to wish you every success in furthering your education.

Yours sincerely,


John A. Blackburn
Dean of Admission


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