New area code.

We’re getting a new area code. How embarassing. I thought we were immune. Richmond gets 804. The rest of us get the shaft. It hasn’t been decided what it will be yet, but it will no longer be 804. I’ll be ashamed to have an area code without a binary middle digit. We’ve been part of 804 since 1973, five years before I was even born. At least I’ve had a few numbers in my life, as I’ve moved around. First one when I was little, but I’ve forgotten that. Then our London number, but I’ve forgotten that, too. Then in the 301 area code. Then the 410 are code. (But that was still an acceptable prefix.) Then we moved here, and we were 804. And that was OK. Then I moved out and got my own number, still 804. Poor Amber — she’s had the same phone number her entire life. For years her family could get mail at “Redfields, Charlottesville, VA.” She’s not taking the area code change very well.

At least I’ve got my toll-free number, so people can still reach me. There are some people that I just won’t be able to admit to that I’m in a lame area code.

Published by Waldo Jaquith

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