Just for kicks, I took

Just for kicks, I took an extremist position and replied to
Pitch Your Tent and
Log On
" (yeah, half of you know where this is going, don’t you?) explaining
that individuals that bring their own technology (GPS, laptop, whatever) into the
great outdoors aren’t missing out on anything. They’re just people that treat technologically-
advanced materials the same as their more simple counterparts. Why carry a map when
you could carry a GPS with a map database in it? Why carry a pencil and paper when
you could carry a laptop? Don’t even try to explain to me why the older things are
better. I’ve done it. I know that sometimes simpler things are better. My point is
just that it’s stupid for people to accuse others of failing to properly appreciate a
wilderness experience for the particular type of technology that they choose to adorn
themselves with. Gore-Tex is really about as advanced as a GPS. Yet one is OK and
the other is not? Anyhow, read my
devil’s advocate letter
and have a laugh. I knew that if I wrote "bullshit" in a letter, Wired would
print it. :)

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