Eddy Jansson and Matthews Skala’s

Eddy Jansson and Matthews Skala’s
cphack program,
which exposes the serious problems in Mattel‘s
CyberPatrol censorware program, is being cut
off. Mattel has filed a federal lawsuit to get the website shut down. So some of
us have started to mirror that website in
order to keep the program and the information out there. Mattel is only doing this
because they don’t like people to know about the flaws in their program. So
they can shut down the main cphack site, and they’ll probably even shut me down,
but they can’t shut all of us down. Join in — it’s easy. Simply copy the HTML and,
if you’re feeling generous, the 4 source and
binary files
. Upload, advertise the mirror on
Slashdot, and you’re up and running.

For more information, see
and Declan McCullagh’s
article in Wired.

Published by Waldo Jaquith

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