So, I went out to

So, I went out to try and rain on
Microsoft’s parade today, as it’s
their big release date for
Windows 2000.
At FeO2 last night, we made a whole mess of
RedHat 6.1 discs and printed up liner
notes and handbills, as well. We figured we’d go to the stores here in
Charlottesville that would be selling W2K
Office Depot and
Babbages) and hand out flyers and CDs
to people waiting to buy W2K, or people that just looked interested.

Well, we showed up for the game, but our opponents forefited. Staples didn’t
have it — just a few empty promo boxes by the registers. Office Depot said
that they’d sold "a couple copies" — this is at 1:30pm — but
didn’t even have it on display. I had to ask for it. At Babbages, the clerk
didn’t know anything about W2K, but was happy to point me towards RedHat 5.2
in the Office Productivity section. So, we’ve got lots of copies of RedHat
now, which is good, I guess, and W2K is selling quite badly, which is great.
65,000 bugs,
it ought to sell badly.) It wasn’t as satisfying as standing on a street corner,
tossing out CDs and shouting "Linux! Getcher Linux!" But it was

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