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Custom Feed
Screenshot of the RSS feed in the NewsFire news reader. (Click to enlarge.)

Track the status of every bill in the General Assembly ("Master RSS feed") or track bills by patron. Updated every three hours.

None of this will do you a lick of good without a piece of software called a "news reader," a "feed reader," or an "RSS reader." If this means nothing to you, read "RSS for total newbies," which will explain how to get started. If you're not sure if you have a news reader, just click on any of the long list of links at right. If you see only a bunch of code, you need to read that guide.

The Custom Feed is to create your very own feed, based on keywords. If you want to have a feed for all bills pertaining to transportation, just enter "transportation" and click "Go." Ditto for "education," "sex," "police," etc., etc. Multi-word queries work, too. This won't let you track individual bills; if you're looking to track bills by legislator, use the list at right.

Please don't rely on this as your sole method of tracking legislation in the General Assembly if you are doing so for anything mission-critical.

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  • 2005-12-30: Publicly launched as v1.0.
  • 2006-01-01: Added per-patron feeds.
  • 2006-01-10: Added per-chamber feeds, custom feeds.
  • 2006-01-25: Fixed several broken per-patron feeds, set custom feeds to update every hour during the business day.