Goode silent on Cunningham.

The Martinsville Bulletin — a pretty important paper in the scope of the Fifth District — asked Rep. Virgil Goode what he thought about Duke Cunningham’s confession to accepting bribes from MZM and subsequent resignation. Goode’s response resulted in the sort of headline that he probably didn’t want to see in the Bulletin: “Goode makes […]

But who will defend apple pie?

I love the jab (presumably unintentional) at Falwell’s crusade in this AP article: The Rev. Jerry Falwell is marshaling his forces to keep “Merry Christmas,” “Silent Night” and other religious references from being banished this holiday season. (Emphasis mine.) My favorite part of this wholly-manufactured crisis (note that there’s no forces opposing saying “merry Christmas,” […]

Mike Shear: VA Dems. accepted $1.3M in (legally) undisclosed contributions near the end of the race. Of course, VA Dems. aren’t tied to Abramoff, unlike Bob McDonnell.