14 replies on “The happy couple.”

  1. What a gorgeous picture! Congrats Waldo and Amber!

    And Waldo,we really missed you this weekend. I’m hoping that you didn’t miss us.

  2. Of course we missed y’all at Sorensen, Cathleen. :) While you folks were talking to Governor Warner, we were hauling boxes down two flights of stairs and loading the car. Though, depending on how late things went, we may have been sipping pina coladas after an evening swim/hot tub session, in which case I have to admit that there wasn’t so much as a fleeting thought of Sorensen. ;)

  3. Amber and Waldo-My heartiest Congratulations!
    The picture is just amazing. Y’all make a beautiful couple!
    ( I sent many, many good vibes your way at 11AM last Sunday)

  4. I can attest that the blueness of the sky in that photo is only visible from altitudes above 10,000 feet! May your happiness be enhanced as much as the saturation of that blue!

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