Kilgore “a little French.”

The Hampton Roads Daily Press — which has an editorial board with which I’ve become quite enamored recently — has a great editorial today on the matter of Wednesday evening’s Kaine/Kilgore AP debate. Like so many other papers, they’re just not willing to say that Kilgore is extremely effeminate, but they do a wonderful job of using Republican rhetoric against him to achieve the same effect:

One of those little Kilgore missiles included the observation that Kaine was “John Kerry with a Richmond address.” That’s a cute line, but during the joint appearance, it was Kilgore who left the appearance of being a little, well, French.

French! What a trip. I’m looking forward to whatever other euphemisms can be relied upon by writers without actually coming out and saying it. Two points to the first newspaper to say that he “would get picked on for being…different…than the other kids.”

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